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Pitching Instruction

Our connection to collegiate softball coaches provides opportunities for High School girls that they might not otherwise get. And what a great way to get assistance to help pay for an education!







Team Camps

Softball coaches in High School, Middle School, and Summer leagues are always looking for ways to prepare their teams for the upcoming season. Coaches work hard at trying to improve their teams during the current season as well. Investing in the help of professionals is a way to make sure your team is property prepared and ready to take their game to the next level.

ALL-AMERICAN Fastpitch SOFTBALL CAMPS can help by conducting instructional camps for individual High School teams, Middle School teams, or Summer League teams at any time during the school year or during the summer. The instructional staff at ALL-AMERICAN Fastpitch SOFTBALL CAMPS will not only improve the skills and fundamentals of the team campers and coaches, they will also show them how to win.

Call us to schedule a lesson or inquire about putting together a customized program for your group. It is our goal as instructors to teach the basics through advanced fundamentals in fastpitch softball at the highest levels possible.

There are so few coaches out there today with actual fastpitch playing experience, and even fewer with credentials of years in coaching. Having "been there, done that" at all levels of fastpitch, we can help you take your game to the next level, whether you're just beginning or even if you've played the game for a long time. Have confidence in knowing that our coaches are not only teaching you how to win, but have been successful themselves.

Private Lessons

It is widely known that individual training in fastpitch softball can make drastic improvements in the development and success of young softball players.  ALL-AMERICAN Fastpitch SOFTBALL CAMPS offers the latest in pitching, hitting, slap-bunting, and fielding techniques.  Our experienced coaches excel in getting the most out of each player.  They focus on technique, strategy, and most of all, they will motivate each softball player to work hard to improve their game. 


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“My daughter has always wanted to attend a softball camp, so when my husband and I heard about ALL AMERICAN Fastpitch SOFTBALL CAMPS and who their instructional staff was, we immediately contacted them to get our daughter registered for their camps.  The entire staff at ALL AMERICAN Fastpitch SOFTBALL CAMPS focused on every aspect of the game and they made an immediate impact on our daughter’s skills and confidence.  We would recommend their camps to girls at every level."
Bonnie Atkinson, Mother.

“My daughter attended one of the softball camps put on by ALL AMERICAN Fastpitch SOFTBALL CAMPS, and it was the best money I ever spent on a sports camp for her. They were extremely patient in their approach of teaching the correct fundamentals so that girls learn how to play the game properly so as to reduce the risk of injury.  My daughter can’t wait for softball season to begin.”
Bill Treuly, Father.

“Our area never had a softball camp until ALL AMERICAN Fastpitch SOFTBALL CAMPS came on the scene. Their professionalism and attention to detail is very impressive.  Their instructional staff takes the time to show each camper how to become more successful.  Their slogan ‘taking your game to the next level’ is right on. They hit a homerun with our family.”
Dave Andersen, Father.

“My daughter has been to a number of sports camps, and she says the ALL AMERICAN Fastpitch SOFTBALL CAMPS is the best camp she’s ever been to. She liked the way the instructors worked separately with each camper at various times.  She said they were also a lot of fun.  Way to go All-American Fastpitch Softball Camps, our daughter had a great experience at your
camp." – Meghan Williams, Mother

ALL AMERICAN Fastpitch SOFTBALL CAMPS pitching specialists not only taught my daughter to increase her speed, but they also taught her several new pitches, as well as how to increase her spin rotation, which dramatically improved her success on the mound. 
I would highly recommend this camp to girls of all ages!”
Pam Lawton, Mother.

“Instruction from ALL-AMERICAN Fastpitch SOFTBALL CAMPS, has given my daughter numerous skills to improve her pitching and hitting.  The coaching and instruction she received, has increased her speed and accuracy;  and learning how to throw the different pitches has given her an added advantage for the up coming softball season.  I was impressed to see how thorough everything was presented; from being taught the proper techniques to avoid injury, to learning the different pitches.  The instructor had a WEALTH OF KNOWLEDGE and EXPERIENCE he was willing to share, and his way of teaching is very positive and respectful; and is not intimidating, critical, or judgmental, in any way.  I watched my daughter's self confidence grow with each new skill she was taught.  I can't wait to see her put what she learned to use this up coming spring and summer.  
I highly recommend ALL-AMERICAN Fastpitch SOFTBALL CAMPS!  Thank you ALL-AMERICAN Fastpitch SOFTBALL CAMPS!”
Tammy Diersen, Mother.

“I would like to say that my daughter has received individualized instruction several times over the past year.  Beginning with session #1, there were improvements in her technique immediately.  Breaking old habits can be difficult, but she was amazed how much more efficient she felt even after one lesson. I believe that the individualized instruction absolutely improved her technique and form, allowing her to pitch safer. As a father, it has been terrific for me also to be there to learn what is important for us to work on.  My daughter feels much more confident in her pitching; she’s excited to practice and especially to compete!” 
Matt Kopecky, Father.

“Our daughter has been playing softball since she was 8 years old. She is now 13, and  her growing  interests in becoming a pitcher lead me and my husband to search for a pitching coach.  After a few calls, a local university recommended we contact ALL-AMERICAN Fastpitch SOFTBALL CAMPS.  They have taught our daughter pitching fundamentals either through individual lessons and at their camps. Our daughter is developing speed and control, but is also learning skill and self-confidence to handle difficult situations.  Their commitment to good work ethic is transforming our daughter  from  a shy softball player into a confident young lady.” – Tina Shuda, Mother.

"The ALL AMERICAN Fastpitch SOFTBALL CAMPS was a wonderful experience for our daughter. It was a complete package; Not only did she learn valuable skills and mechanics from their highly-talented team of coaches, she also had fun and felt like an important part of the camp. The staff coached in a way that made each individual camper feel good about themselves while encouraging them to push to new levels. Most importantly, to us, positive attitudes were encouraged and rewarded!"  – Jan Thomas, Mother

students learning proper hitting techniques